About Us

Yarmouth Isle of Wight

Is a small town, harbour and passenger ferry terminal in the western part of the Isle of Wight, off the Southern Coast of Mainland England.
The Town is named for its location at the mouth of the Western Yar river.

Yarmouth has been a settlement for over a 1000 years and is one of the very earliest on the Island.

The first record of a settlement here was in King Elthelred the Unready’s record of the Danegeld tax of 991.
It was originally called Eremue meaning ‘Muddy Estuary’


Having spent years of holidaying on the Island, Angela & Tony Rose decided that mainly because of their love of the town and surrounding area they would try and fulfill a dream and re-locate to the Island from the Mainland Midlands.
It was obvious to them that the local residents and indeed regular visitors were and are passionate pet owners.

As pet owners themselves, they decided to completely restructure their lives and have now become the proprietors of a recently established pet store in Yarmouth High Street and have incorporated part of the original meaning into it’s now familiar shop name ‘Muddy Paws’